Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Waysis believes that the beautiful things on earth should be preserved. We are concerned about our society and see how vulnerable places are affected by pollution and overpopulation. In addition, the well-being of people, both within and outside our organization, has our attention. Waysis therefore uses all means to demonstrate and propagate its social commitment to these issues. Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly intertwined in our business processes, but the awareness has been there for much longer.

Accredited Learning Company

Waysis consists of a number of operating companies that all, to a greater or lesser extent, implement an active policy in the field of internships and/or are recognized training companies. By providing young people (where possible from lower social positions) with the opportunity to gain practical working experience, we prepare future colleagues. With the expected expansion in the coming years of the service packages in particular, number of internships will certainly increase and our organization will continue to contribute to a society where everyone deserves a chance.


Within the Waysis companies we have also started the transition of our own fleet. Step 1 is almost completed, from diesel to petrol and in step 2 (from about 2023) this will be continued to hybrid/petrol and electric vehicles. We naturally encourage colleagues to use public transport and, where possible, to cycle to work.

Even in the previous century the environment was already an important subject for Waysis. Since the early 90s we have an active waste separation policy. In product selection we are keen on choosing products which meet the “cradle to cradle” principle and we try to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible. This policy has evolved over the years and will always remain under critical supervision and adjusted if necessary. In the meantime this resulted in the environmental certification ISO 14001:2005. 

Sustainable Procurement

Following the policies of the government, provinces, municipalities and water boards, Waysis sharpened its policy regarding the sustainable procurement. Waysis not only tries to expand its existing policy in this area, but it also tries to seamlessly integrate supply and demand. The publication of the Dutch "Sustainable Public Procurement Manual" and the "Guide to Social Return purchasing by municipalities" served as the basis for our procurement and CSR policies.

Social Return

Waysis has been outsourcing work to the labor development and reintegration company Werkkom for several years now. Werkom brings people and organizations together with the goal to get people with a bridgeable distance to the labor market and who want to work, back to work and to keep them employed permanently. For Waysis, this specifically concerns production activities of a (simple) electrical nature that are directly related to the delivery of products and services from Waysis.



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