Who is Waysis?

Waysis plays a leading role in the Dutch traffic and mobility market

For years Waysis has enjoyed a reputation among its clients for reliability and expertise. The Dutch parking market is a complex and innovative market, with leading developments. Due the overall expertise, gained in this advanced market, knowledge of a broad variety of parking and enforcement solutions, as well as cooperation with International Partners, we are your partner for parking and enforcement solutions, allowing implementation of modern, low costs and effective parking policies.

Waysis can assist you with any traffic technology, system or service you need, making our lives and work more practical and safer, as well as with innovative inventions, customised work and total solutions.


All expertise under a single name

Waysis’ operating companies supply every imaginable solution in the field of parking, parking enforcement, city access and traffic engineering.

Waysis develops and supplies

  • Complete solutions and knowledge to develop and implement your parking and city traffic policy
  • Mobile data and telecommunications systems, electronic payment and location systems, data terminals, printers etc.
  • Automated parking control using hand-held computers or scanners with the associated, developed software packages
  • Access control and other city traffic systems
  • Mobile communications resources for the enforcement of, among other things, parking fees
  • Parking and traffic information and data systems



Knowledge centre

Waysis is a knowledge centre for government authorities, institutions or companies when it comes to the complex field of the mobility chain. We are exceptionally conscious of the social duty to keep our environment mobile in a safe and responsible manner.


Waysis B.V.
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 80
1114 AD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
The Netherlands

PO Box 94180
1090 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 20 462 0 462
E-mail: info@waysis.com


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