Yellowbrick International completes the acquisition of Brick Parking


Yellowbrick International (70% owned by Parkeon and 30% by Waysis) completes the acquisition of 100% of Brick Parking, the #2 player in Mobile Parking Payment (MPP) in the Netherlands

Parkeon, the global leader in smart city solutions and Waysis, the market leader in the Dutch market for on-street parking, have announced that Yellowbrick International has taken a further step in its development by acquiring 100% of Brick Parking, which markets and operates the Yellowbrick© solution in the Netherlands (#2 player) and Belgium. By further integrating all their MPP activities under one umbrella, both companies strengthen their position in the MPP market.

Digital technologies are increasingly defining parking solutions, allowing greater driver convenience and more efficient transaction handling. MPP is on the verge of a further international breakthrough, whereby an increasing number of countries will embrace MPP solutions and global platforms and multi-country offerings will gain importance.

Leading the World in MPP

Parkeon is the world market leader in the field of urban mobility and smart city solutions, and boasts a fleet of more than 200,000 multi-space parking terminals installed all over the world. Parkeon is the preferred partner for providing parking solutions to over 4,000 cities in more than 60 different countries across the world. Waysis is the market leader in the Dutch market for on-street parking, and has been a distribution partner of Parkeon in the Netherlands for many decades.

In October 2014, Parkeon and Waysis joined forces in MPP by creating Yellowbrick International, a joint venture owned at 70% by Parkeon and 30% by Waysis, aimed at deploying the Yellowbrick© and Whoosh! MPP solutions at an international level. With its head office in Amsterdam, Yellowbrick International has, since its inception, further developed the Yellowbrick© and Whoosh! platforms and brands, and has deployed operations in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

In May 2017, Yellowbrick International takes a further development step by completing the acquisition of 100% of Brick Parking, the #2 MPP player in the Netherlands created by Waysis in 2006 which also operates in Belgium since 2014. Brick Parking group benefits from a strong reputation in the Netherlands, one of the most innovative mobility markets where mobile penetration is high and growing.

Following this transaction, Yellowbrick International now processes tens of millions MPP transactions annually and will continue to develop MPP solutions in the years ahead thanks to Parkeon's vast international network.

Commenting on this transaction, Bertrand Barthélemy, CEO of Parkeon, states "this transaction is a new milestone in Parkeon's development in the field of MPP and proves our very strong relationship and trustful collaboration with Waysis". Paul Staartjes, CEO of Yellowbrick International states "with this transaction we secure the important skills and knowledge of the Dutch organisations Yellowbrick© and Brick Parking and will be able to give more support to our markets". Jeffrey Wolvekamp, CEO of Yellowbrick adds "further integration of all MPP activities brings more focus and enables us to leverage knowledge within the group to develop innovative products and services which create value and foster customer engagement".

About Parkeon:

Parkeon is the world market leader in the field of urban mobility and smart city solutions. By offering a unique, all-encompassing range of parking management and public transport ticketing solutions, Parkeon now has a presence in no less than 60 countries and is successfully accelerating its growth in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Parkeon's capacity for constant innovation is demonstrated every day. Its systems and equipment are already facilitating urban mobility in over 4,000 cities, with an installed base of more than 200,000 parking terminals and 230 million banking transactions processed annually. Parkeon employs a workforce of more than 1,000 people worldwide and achieved a turnover of 215 million euros in 2016.
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About Waysis:

Waysis, a Dutch family owned company since 1927, is the holding company of Taxameter Centrale, Brickyard and holds 30% of Yellowbrick International. It provides technical innovation in the fields of parking systems, parking enforcement and traffic engineering. The total Waysis group employs around 130 staff and technical experts and plays a market leading role in a.o. the Dutch, Belgium and Scandinavian markets on mobility and parking infrastructure market.
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About Yellowbrick© and Yellowbrick International:

Yellowbrick© was founded by Waysis and is active since 2006. Yellowbrick offers "real time" parking solutions through the use of apps, mobile phones or internet which makes parking hassle-free. The service is available in over 200 cities within the Netherlands and Belgium, and is still showing strong growth.

Since 2014, Waysis and Parkeon have joined forces to start Yellowbrick International, located in Amsterdam, a combined platform to facilitate the further international roll-out of both platforms Yellowbrick and Whoosh!, of which the latter was originally developed by Parkeon. Yellowbrick International is owned at 70% by Parkeon and 30% by Waysis.
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